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How can management theories change health care?

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How can management theories change the way we conduct health care?

What are the various influences on managing the roles within health care organizations?

Management theories have been used successfully throughout history for management. In healthcare, a different approach is often necessary to meet the needs of patients, families and the providers who care for them. Maslow's theories will always have a place in healthcare to show the reactions from loss due to the ravages of illness. New theories, such as the Time Model give a broader scope of patients experience with illness.

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How can management theories change the way we conduct health care?

Management theory is evolving in the healthcare arena. New theories and trends are
taking the place of conventional management such as Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs. This
theory has been used extensively to show how a patient reacts to losing certain levels of personal
attainment and how the patient care must be suited to be meeting the patient needs (Fisher, 2009).
Theory X and Y have also been in place as management theories used in hospital but suited to
the needs of patient care.
Modern theories suggest more detailed theories suggesting the importance of Theory of
Symptoms, Theory of Unpleasantness and Symptoms Experience in Time Model (Brant, Beck ...

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This is an explanation using several management model to show how they influence the care of both providers and patients in an healthcare system.

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