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Path Goal Theory in Public Health

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Path-Goal and Situational Theories of Leadership


A brief description of two strengths and two limitations of Path-Goal Theory as applied in the field of public health. Then, compare (similarities and differences) Path-Goal Theory to Situational Theory of leadership. Be specific. Finally, explain whether Path-Goal Theory is a valid theory of leadership. Justify your response.

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The answer to this problem explains the application and suitability of Path Goal theory of leadership to public health. The references related to the answer are also included.

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In public health there is a common goal to prevent disease and promote health. The pro of the path goal theory is that it defines health care goals and clarifies the path to be taken by healthcare practitioners and institutions. The cons of the path goal theory of leadership are that path goal theory is complex and counter intuitive. The second con is that the path goal theory has so many interrelated assumptions that it is difficult to use the theory in public health. The goal path theory says that the manager's job is viewed as guiding workers to choose the best paths to reach their ...

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