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Analyzing risk within a healthcare organization

In analyzing risks, thought must be given to patients, clinical staff, medical staff, employees, property, equipment, and the financial status of the organization. Analyze each of these seven key elements. Your analysis should include how each is applied in a risk management program and why each is important when developing a risk management plan. In addition, evaluate each element in relation to quality patient care, organizational performance, and regulatory compliance.

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With patients comes risk. The patients may not be telling staff their complete medical history. A risk also can occur with law suits. With clinical staff, the risks can include lack of effort and absenteeism. The biggest risk is inaccurate research, results and or testing. Medical employees carry lawsuit risk (towards them) and risk of expense because of experience and staying with the organization longer. Employees, property and equipment run risks the following ways; lack of employee morale, and lack of safety precautions. Property can run the risk of ...

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The solution discusses analyzing risk within a healthcare organization.