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    Outline for Business Excellence Through Speed & Teamwork

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    Your task for this question is to prepare an annotated outline of the Project indicating the gist of each section in the report along with a list of references on the cases studied and the concepts and techniques applied .

    For this project, you will study the Philips Electronics model of business excellence through speed and teamwork (BEST). You will find this model described in detail in Case Study 11 of the textbook:
    Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases (pp. 454-470). 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann (Attached).
    You will also read the following brief, but important journal article:
    Adebanjo, D. (2001) 'TQM and business excellence: is there really a conflict?', Measuring Business Excellence, 5 (3), pp. 37-40 (Attached).
    Your task for the project is:
    To assess the BEST model, with particular reference to the importance of teamwork in a company like Philips Electronics.
    To evaluate the model against Adebanjo's proposition that 'business excellence and quality can and need to complement each other to provide organisations with the operational and business success they aspire to and which is necessary for survival in today's market.'
    To show how best tools and competencies could be applied to the pursuit of business excellence in your company or another company you think could benefit from using the model.

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    Annotated Outline: Business Excellence through Speed and Teamwork


    Philips identified teamwork and speed as necessary components of business excellence. To this end the company developed the Business Excellence through Speed and Teamwork (BEST) process to focus on quality improvement. This process is an effective way to encourage quality and excellence, and could be applied to my company.


    Teamwork is driven by strategy. It is a key business process that must be encouraged in order to promote sharing of information, skills and best practices.
    Phillips uses system of Plan, Do, Check Act to drive the organizational improvement cycle.
    • Goals are set, utilizing common vision
    • Processes are managed through use of cross-functional teams
    • Results are checked
    • Actions are revised to obtain better results
    Individuals work toward increased knowledge to improve teams. Specific competencies are developed ...

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