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Presentation Outline of Business Etiquettes in the UAE

Please provide an example of a presentation outline and divide each point. Use the topic of "Business Etiquettes in UAE" as an example.

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Attention getter:
Welcome to the UAE where you are always welcome! We love visitors, especially business visitors! We are a beautiful place with a wealth of changes for our citizens and the world. We are innovative and we build what we want and need. We have even built our own islands, forming an archipelago chain!

Credibility statement :
As business leaders, we have knowledge of business and as citizens, have a vast knowledge of our country and our traditions, many similar to yours.

Relevance statement:
Why should they be interested in this
While we have many traditions and ideas in common, we also have some important differences that you must be aware of to be successful with us. Remember first and foremost, we base much of our culture ...

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The expert provides an example of a presentation outline and divides each point.