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UAE: Business and Economy

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"You will find that even though the UAE states are 'united', each member state has its own ruler and a different set of policies and regulations. "

What should an international company need to be aware of in looking to start business in UAE? what are the positives and negatives of the UAE economy?

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This solution discusses what an international company should be aware of prior to starting business in the UAE. It also discusses the positives and negatives of the UAE economy. APA references are provided.

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The benefits of doing business in the UAE are its central location (halfway between London and Singapore). The UAE boasts an attraction to foreign investors, emerging markets, and permissive approach to business. Dubai is tax-free (but each emirate has its own tax regime) and has a low level of bureaucracy. Customs duties are low and there are no foreign exchange controls, trade quotas or barriers. Trade tariff is low, on average of 5 percent. Customs procedures are simple. There are also relaxed visa policies. Energy costs and real estate are competitive, as are financing costs. The UAE is financially sound. There is a strong infrastructure to support business. In Dubai there are two seaports and an international airport.

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