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    Foreign Market Research

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    1. Visit the Market Research Library Web site at http://www.buyusainfo.net/adsearch.cfm?search_type=int&loadnav=no
    and select a region of the world that interests you.

    2. Select three countries from this region and read the Country Commercial Guides report type materials provided on that country.

    3.Select the country that you believe would be most conducive to a small business owner trying to break into a foreign market.

    4. Why did you select this country?

    Use the Library and other Internet resources to back up your choice.

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    For my region, I selected the Middle East. I find this region interesting and full of opportunity because as the world shifts from oil to other forms of power, the region will be forced to adapt the change in economic wind. The three countries I read about were Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Libya.

    Of the three countries, it appears that the UAE would be the most open for foreign business. Although all three nations require that foreign business owners ...

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