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International Business in UAE, China and Mexico

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The Countries I have chosen are UAE, China and Mexico and I need some help answering these questions:
•Can you have a U.S. management style in these countries? Explain
•How are their economic systems classified? Explain why they are classified as such.

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Step 1
US management style. In general you cannot have US management style in these countries. The reasons are that the culture in these countries is different. The American management style is individualistic in approach and managers are accountable for the decisions. The ultimate responsibility lies with the managers. The American managers are likely to disregard the opinions of subordinates.

United Arab Emirates: The American style of management will not work. The hierarchy is most important, the subordinates should be told exactly what they should do, and there is centralization of decision making. The UAE society is a collectivistic society and workers have deep commitment to member groups.

China: In China the culture is pragmatic. The people consider the context, situation, and time to be very important. In contrast the American ...

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