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Project Outline: Cross Cultural Management

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Project Outline:

Title - Cross Cultural Management

Description of the project
Specific topics for research, in bullet form
Possible sources
Your reasons for undertaking this project

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Cross Cultural Management Project

Project Description:

The project is designed to address various aspects of non verbal forms of communication in countries that an organization may do business or in which it may have business interests. The countries of interest for this project are Mexico and China. The two are selected as they are very different in culture. One is more laid back in general, while the other is much more formal. There are cultural immersion programs for those who intend to work or stay in other countries for extended periods of time. However, managers usually stay for a short time and often will be too busy with meetings and conferences to take part in such programs.

Research Topics:

What types of programs on cultural values and customs are available to managers?

What types of programs have been proven to be successful?

Programs focusing on cultural ...

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