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    Culture and Workplace Behavior

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    1) Identify 3-5 significant workplace behaviors that tend to be different in this country than in the UAE.

    2) Identify the major cultural dimensions (e.g., low power distance, high uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation, etc.) that tend to explain such behaviors.

    3) 1-2 page written summary at the time of the presentation.

    I need help with this as a PowerPoint.

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    I have created the basic PP for you to use. Please review and change the speaker notes as needed. I have included references on the summary sheet. The design is easy to change if you prefer under the design tab. There are many clip art choices as well. Narrow down the information from the summary as you see fit or change any you are not comfortable with. I only used three, but there are a few others you might have information on. Currently, there is limited information about the workplace in the UAE, but Japan is easy for one to find information for comparisons. So if you decide to use other differences that you may know, there will be lots of information for comparison. The summary outline should be updated after you make any changes you find necessary.

    Cultural ideals are not that different in the East and Middle East. The difference creator is most often religion.

    1) Identify 3-5 significant ...

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    The culture and workplace behaviors are examined.