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Organizational Behavior Research Topic

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For this initial research, you need to identify a specific topic for your final project. Write up to 250 words using APA format introducing the selected topic. You should include responses to the following questions:

What is the focus for your project, and how is it relevant to the issues studied in this course?
Why does this area of Organizational Behavior interest you?

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This solution provides a solid, detailed example of a specific topic that can be used as a research topic for organizational behavior. References are also provided.

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Here is one area for you to consider:

For your research assignment, I would discuss micro organizational behavior. This is applicable to all workplaces 100% of the time, regardless of the type of industry, positions held, or size of the organization. Micro organizational behavior deals with how people interact with each other and how people interact when they're placed in groups. This type of study would also analyze the processes ...

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