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Discussion on Company Downsizing

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Hi, I need some help to provide a formal outline of an upcoming research paper. Along with the outline, I am required to provide at least 15 references for the research paper. The outline should provide an overview of the major components of the research paper. Below is an outline overview. A good outline will be anywhere from two to three pages in length.

The topic is: Retaining the best employees when the company is downsizing.

1. Introduce your research topic
2. Provide an overview of what your paper will discuss

Analysis of the Field
1. Discuss the research topic in detail
2. Present the OB theories being discussed
3. Identify how the organization(s) is using these theories
4. Provide a critical review of the literature pertaining to your topic

Future Directions
1. Discuss how your research topic can contribute to continuing the field of OB.
2. Discuss future research topics that should be investigated that can further your research.


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This discussion will be highlighting the ways in which, companies retain their best talented employees in situations of downsizing. Various theories of organizational behavior will be discussed, representing the trends followed by companies in retaining and maintaining the efficient and skilled employees.

The title of discussion is "Retaining the Best Employees when the Company is Downsizing". The discussion is relevant in the current scenario of the market, highlighting the trends followed by the organization. It has never been an easy task for employers to identify employees who should be let go and who should be retained (Boone 2008).

In this paper, there will be a discussion regarding the ways through which organizations retain their talented employees when they are downsizing. There are various theories that will help in determining the behavior to be followed by organizations in retaining employees. Various organizations have been using these behavioral theories when they have to downsize the organizational structure. There will be a section where critical review of the literature discusses different viewpoints.

The further discussion of the paper will be about the role and relevance of organizational behavior in managing efficient employees when downsizing is to be undertaken. Analysis and investigations are an essential feature of the organization that helps in maintaining employees in the long run.

In the current scenario, the minds of prominent leaders are headed by competitive strategies in order to sustain and survive in ...

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