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Social control in schools

1. Discuss the nature of, and extent to which schools maintain social control. What types of recent strategies have schools undertaken to ensure social control?

2. Part I: Discuss how deindustrialization and downsizing have changed the face of the workforce

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Schools have begun to apply the same methods to schools as those used by businesses for social control. Limiting time that is free, such as recess and shortened lunch periods are one way to control the interactions of students. Programs such as bullying and peer mediation are used in many schools to address the problems that may occur, teaching students to resolve conflict and forcing faculty and staff to participate in protecting students from bullies and fighting. Training students and faculty in methods of desecalating conflict and mediating problems is another method being used. Social controls are also being forced on parents. Student ...

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A discussion on how social controls are applied in modern schools and to what extent. Also short discussion on how the workforce has changed with deindustrialization and downsizing.