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    Business Models With Social Benefits

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    As you learned what skills entrepreneurs have that make them successful and also why there are social needs. you need to apply those skills to a real life. You now need to choose three business ideas that have social benefits. For each idea you need to explain your idea. explain how it will work. Also, you need to explain what are the benefits especially the social/ ethical benefit.

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    My first idea is to open a computer retailer that will take your old computer in when you buy a new one. As part of the service, the stores will 'scrub' the hard drive to erase all files and folders from its memory. The stores will then load open ware and make the computers available to rural and inner city children and schools. The store employees will spend a couple of weekends per year putting on seminars at local schools or libraries to teach basic computer skills to these children and to their parents.

    The business has two social benefits. First, computers (including environmentally harmful monitor components and batteries) are filling landfills at an alarming rate. Every recycled computer saves space in a landfill somewhere. In additional, in an advanced technological age we currently live in, basic computer skills are becoming as important as literacy. This program can help speed the learning curve and help these children and their parents excel. One consideration would be pricing. The business could apply for governmental grants to help fund the project and keep ...

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    The solution describes three, in depth business models that have social and environmental benefits.