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eBusiness Company Comparisons

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This assignment is intended to explore the e-business models, strategies, and competition in a specific industry.

1. How do companies such as Expedia, Priceline, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay make money online? (Discuss their business models)
2. How are some of the latest trends in the Internet and computing, such as social networking, etc., likely to change the future business models of these and other companies?

To support your research on these topics we suggest you view the following material and webcasts.

Business Models on the Web | Professor Michael Rappa
__/ 12-29-2006 __ http://digitalenterprise.org/models/models.html

Users, Not Money: the
Google Business Model
Marissa Mayer
__/ 01-27-2006 __
Global Information Technology 2013
World Economic Forum
Strategy for High Tech Companies-What to Think About | MIT World (Video)

Note: This is an MBA Level Work.

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1. How do companies such as Expedia, Priceline, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay make money online? (Discuss their business models)

Consider the ebusiness as a means for easier transactions in purchasing goods and services, therefore, the online buyers already have interests in buying online. Thus, the ebusiness companies sells products that offers discounts (a highly motivator) to purchasing online than in person. The consumers are more than likely to make a purchase on line, such as, buying airline tickets (Expedia, Priceline) or products (Amazon and Ebay) that by taking a percentage of ticket sales will generate a profit over the ...

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The review into how ebusiness company strives towards meeting profitability goals that sustain business continuity.

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