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    The impact that 3D printing will have on global supply chains

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    This solution will briefly touch upon how an emerging technology, specifically 3D printing (otherwise known as additive manufacturing), could benefit supply chain operations worldwide.

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    The emerging technology, 3D printing, will enable disruptive change across manufacturing supply chains. In essence, the technology will enable companies, and even consumers, to print any products to their requirements (potential for product customization and personalization) using a 3D printer with a particular laser or heat technology to "layer" on materials until a solid object is formed. Although the technology is in the early stage for consumer use, manufacturers, primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries, are already using this technology for rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, even printing completely finished products.

    If a focal manufacturer were to implement 3D ...

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    This solution reviews the benefits that 3D printing will bring to global supply chains, once the technology is fully implemented.