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Social Responsibility Policies and Procedures

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Name of Business: Printing 3D Services Industry

Business Market Segment: Production and sale of digitally fabricated goods, related services, materials, and assets for production.

Social Responsibility Policies & Procedures:

1. Standards
2. Procedures
3. Policy (Please provide a sample policy).

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The solution discusses social responsibility policies and procedures.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Social Responsibility Policies & Procedures in the attached file.

Social Responsibility Policies & Procedures

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps the organization to maintain long term success in the business. It increases the customer base for the organization and increases the brand image of the organization. The main aim of the CSR activity is to solve short term issues such as legal compliance, improvement in working conditions, etc. Social Responsibility Policies & Procedures also depend on the long term aim of the organization and provides better living standard to the society. This report discusses about the various standards used by the organizations in order to follow CSR activities. It also discusses about the various procedures and policy implemented by the Printing 3D services industry for its CSR activity.
Social responsibility is a challenging task for the organization, as it has to understand the demand of the customers and implement the activities to deliver these expectations. For implementing the activities to satisfy the customers' needs and demands, standards help the organization to promote the general objectives (IISD 2004). Not any single standard serves the demand of the customers sufficiently. Standards are all about making rules that have to be followed by every organization in order to provide better quality goods and services and create a better living culture in the society together with (Perera 2008).
Organization has to follow the corporate social responsibility by maintaining certain standards that are established by the various departments. In the year 1992, Rio Earth summit focus on the environmental management thus organization has to follow these standards in the form of CSR activities in order to keep the environment pollution free (IISD 2011). In the year 2002, World Summit on Su Sustainable Development (WSSD) focused on reducing poverty in the society and thus helps in the development of ...

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