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Critique of directors' roles in corporate social responsibility

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Please review the attached article and write a review (as a Article Critique).
Please note that outline of the Article Critique should be in the following manner:
- A brief introduction of the article.
- A statement of the problem.
- A description of procedures.
- Flaws in the procedural design.
- Analysis of the data.
- Limited and justifiable conclusions.

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An article critique of directors' roles in corporate social responsibility is examined.

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Article Critique of Directors' Roles in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Stakeholder Perspective:


This is the process that an organization develops through formulating plans and policies that guides all of the firm's activities and also protects and promotes the international human rights and environmental standards. While it is important for the organization to be involved with its corporate social responsibility, it is also important to for the organization to recognize the interests of the stakeholder and to protect their interest. This is significant because the stakeholders of the organization are members of the organization who contribute majorly in determining the kind of outputs the organization generates.

This paper critiques the director's role in corporate social responsibility in the perspective of the stakeholder. The directors of an organization have two major social responsibilities in the corporation i.e. to manage the stake holder's interest of the organization and also to increase the participation of the ...

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