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    Ethics, Accept Bribes as Inducement and Responsibility

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    Two weeks after firing two top managers for failing to meet company standards at International Industries Corporation, your supervisor has appointed you to research why the previous managers have been fired. After researching, you discovered that they were fired for taking bribes from a representative agent to buy certain products.

    Be sure to include the following:

    What do ethics in business mean?
    Is it ethical for a manager to accept bribes as an inducement to buy in business? Why or why not?
    Why are ethics and social responsibility important in the business world?

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    What do ethics in business mean?

    Ethics in business means many things worth mentioning. For example, ethics is similar to morality because it deals with right and wrong. Here are some examples of it. In regards to the International Industries Corporation, two employees were fired due to taking bribes. They chose to do their work unethically because no one should act in this manner. These individuals chose the wrong choice, which cost them their jobs because of the products a certain agent was getting them to buy. Ethics comes from the word ethos, in the Greek, meaning moral character (my own language). As one can tell some level of morality is at stake when others make poor choices, and it can hurt a company immensely. They can lose money from the person who may have committed the crime as well as from the community due to having to look for new workers. ...

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