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Gifts versus bribes

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The line between accepting gifts and taking bribes may not always be clear. For instance, if a data processing manager decides to purchase mainframe computers for his or her company, it is unethical or illegal for him or her to accept a percentage of the sales as a gift from the seller. Some data processing managers may accept meal vouchers, sports tickets, and other perks from computer salespersons.
Is accepting such gifts ethical? Does it matter if the manager accepts the gifts but promises nothing in return? Why or why not? Cite sources to support your response.

Support your answers with examples and reasoning.

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Gifts are items given without expectation of getting something in return. Bribes are the opposite, gifts that are given to encourage something in return. However gifts, like bribes, can lead to an unfair advantage. While getting a small notepad or pen seems like a nonissue, the reality is, these items often give the giver an unfair advantage with the receiver, even if it is ...

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A short review of the difference between accepting gifts and when it becomes a bribe.

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