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International Strategy

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1. Can something be legal and unethical and/or can something be ethical but illegal, and do you have examples of either or both?

2. There is a federal law that makes it crime for companies to pay a bribe, but it still happens and in many countries it is standard operating procedure (SOP) and a must to pay bribes if you want to do business. If you are a U.S. company and want to do business in a country, then where to do business SOP is bribes what do you do?

3. In your own words and perspective (NO Quotes) explain what social responsibility is about.

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This solution discussed eithics, legalism and social responsiblity.

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1. Can something be legal and unethical and/or can something be ethical but illegal, and do you have examples of either or both?

Usually if anything is unethical, then it is illegal too. For example, if a manager broke a law with their money, then he or she can face jail time because of stealing it in order to keep to himself or herself. This can greatly hurt the company, and all who work in it. In essence, from my experience, I have never seen anything where something is legal and unethical at the same time. This is because of how the legal system is setup worldwide. When a person decides to break the law, he or she does so knowingly because of the opportunity to hurt others in the process through much greed. These can affect customers and employees worldwide, especially if it is multinational corporation (MNC). The consequences are worth noting. For instance, individuals may choose to quit their jobs because of knowing that their organization is corrupt; management may terminate others wrongfully, and executives will continue to act unethical by not maintaining high safety standards. All of these a person has to consider before making the poor ...

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