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    Tetley Paper

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    What are the implications for Tetley in the current global economic and financial climate?

    What methods of market entry does Tetley use,( is it exporting, contractual, investment or Alliances and partnerships) and are these likely to change?

    What is their marketing strategy( is it standardization or adaptation or creation or mixed), and how does it address the various elements of the marketing mix? Taking into consideration the country of Origin (COO, branding and national identity

    What approach to 'being international' does it adopt, and what are its main sources of competitive advantage (achieving efficiency in current operations or managing risks or innovation learning and adaptation? )

    What is the type of its international strategy is it multinational, global international or transnational
    How does it set about managing the implementation of its international strategy in terms of organization structure, management systems and possible cross-cultural issues?

    What are the opportunities and threats that are facing Tetley and the way it is undertaking its international trade operations.

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    //Before staring any study regarding a Company, it is necessary to get an insight about the Company. So, here we will discuss about the firm's introduction, which makes our study easy and provides basic knowledge about the Company. You can add more in it, if you find suitable.//


    Tetley group has its operations in the tea business sector all over the world. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. The company provides packaged tea all over the world and it is the second largest provider of tea bag in the world. It is the world's second largest manufacturing and distributing company of branded tea. Tetley was established by two brothers, Joseph and Edward Tetley at Yorkshire, England in 1837. The key areas of business for Tetley include different types of teas such as black tea, herbal tea, etc. Tetley is the first preference of the people of the United Kingdom and Canada. On purchasing Tetley, Tata Tea Limited became a global company in the tea business sector. Tetley also become a global company by having its operations in different countries around the world (It's Time You Tasted It, 2006).

    //After discussing and reading about the Company's detail, we are able to move further. We have got basic knowledge about the Company. Now, as per the instructions, we will move further and discuss about the 'Implications for Tetley'.//

    Implications for Tetley

    Tetley has to focus on various market factors as well as environmental factors for managing its operations in the international business environment. The company has to perform its business according to the global economic and financial requirements present in the environment. The main implications for the company in the global economic and financial climate include various factors. The main factor is that the company has to perform its operations according to the global value chain. Global value chain includes the production system, distribution system and other functional activities related to the production system. It can be stretched out by technology sourcing and development through marketing.

    The other factor is that the company has to focus on the geographical configuration for acquiring assets and maximizing the competitiveness in the international business environment. For attaining sustainable development, the company has to arrange its activities in a way that it will attain progressive patterns of production and distribution in different locations. The company also has to focus on governance and the structure of control for maintaining proper coordination in different business activities. The economic and financial factors have to be considered by the company for achieving success in the competitive global environment. Global outsourcing of the company's products with effective strategic planning will be helpful for the company in overcoming the fluctuations caused due to economic and financial factors (Tetley Group, 2008).

    // Present scenario of the market is very competitive. So success of a firm depends on its strategies. Here, we will make a discussion related to 'Market Entry Methods' of the Tetley.//

    Market Entry Methods

    For expanding the business in the international business environment, every company has to make plans strategically and has to select the mode of entry accordingly. It is not necessary ...

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