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    Based on the workplace environment how has technology been used to support each of the key functions of management (planning, organizing, directing, and controlling). Discuss how technology supported the management function in each case, as well as any challenges to the management function that emerged from the use of this technology.

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    Your solution below is an intensive discussion on technology in management in manufacturing (as an example). I have taken a department & its action in terms of reaching a goal & proceeded to discuss how technology affects management function - in this case that of the marketing director - in a bid to reach said goal. Good Luck!

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    Understanding technology in Management

    Innovations have always been achieved for the purpose of making things better, more efficient, faster & streamlined. Henry Ford, founder of the American Auto giant Ford Motor Company did not only revolutionize transportation when he introduced the Model T automobile line in 1908. To streamline production & achieve efficient time & labour management, he started the assembly line process that precipitated what we now see as standard in factories to answer the demand - mass production. In doing so Ford applied innovation & technology to management functions. It boosted & changed forever how resourcing, organizing, planning, leading, controlling or directing for an organization in terms of managing it meant. Assembly line process was a management evolution, adopted as standard around the world especially during the industrial challenge of supplying for the armies of WW2 both for the Axis & the Allied countries.

    At its core, management is all about problem solving. Effective managers are seen as critical & logical thinkers who are able to draw a path clearly to solve the challenges being faced by the organization at all levels in all its parts and aspects. Sometimes they are seen as great planners & leaders as they are imbued with both a deep understanding of the business & how it should function as well as leadership skills that allow them to direct and lead others to deal with problems. The best managers climb up to be leaders in their respective organizations, holding offices like that of company administrators & Chief Operating Officers to oversee a business. They can easily identify tasks to accomplish and define clear & achievable goals for the people they can direct & lead. They also understand human psychology & are able to coach & make the most of the capacity of the human factor in their organizations due to experience and a profound sense of understanding of the balance between social agents, motivation, achievement and use of technology.

    It is undeniable that technology and innovations propel organizations forward. Inventions of machines to speed up the process for example has allowed extensive mass production that ensure the continual flow of quality goods into the market in both the goods & services ...

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