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    How can technology improve the management of global logistics? Be specific with examples. Please cite references.

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    Technology can improve many business processes, including logistics. Supply chain and
    resource organization is important processes in any organization. They are critical in a global
    organization. If supply chains are not streamlined and highly organized, costs for competing globally are
    higher. Customer satisfaction and delivery of products or services is also affected. Lower customer
    satisfaction translates to lost opportunity for additional revenue.

    Though organization of logistics is important to its success, technology allows for more effective
    management and oversight, through the various steps of the process. Technology is often thought of in
    terms of modern, computerized processes. However, technology has influenced logistics for decades.
    The development of motorized vehicles and planes allowed for faster transport of goods. Processes for
    switching and signaling in the railroad industry allowed for more predictable travel and arrival of goods
    (National Museum of American History, 2013).

    Motorized transportation not only brought goods to where they needed to be faster, it
    expanded the reach of companies. Motorized flight allows companies to ship goods across the globe.
    This allows companies to compete in larger industries and to tap into potential new markets. Steam
    Engine technology allowed companies to ship products in bulk to overseas distribution channels.
    Transport by ship is still desirable today, for products shipped in bulk to global distributors. In the ...

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