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The Use of IT in Logistical Operations

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How can we evaluate whether an organization is using IT effectively in its logistical operations?

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// With the changing technological scenario, the use of information technology has become an inevitable part of the logistics operations. In this paper, we are going to explore the issue of 'Use of IT in Logistics Operations'. Before starting the paper, it is important to introduce the topic like this. //

Use of IT in Logistic Operations

IT has become essential to increase the business growth and creating a competitive advantage. To deal with IT and to support the rising business demand, the organization needs to combine, computerize, and incorporate the IT processes. Information Technology has emerged in the world with very fast growth and has made a significant impact on the quality of life (Jawadekar, 2002). IT helps to optimize the use of scarce resources through intelligent information support for decision making, and helps further in its implementation by supporting coordination (Jawadekar, 2002).

Logistic and supply chain is the process of planning, controlling and implementing the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the customer (What is Logistics & Supply Chain Management?). It is a generally a myth to imagine that the best logistics strategy is to get the product from the supplier to the customer and always be in stock for all organizations (What is Logistics & Supply Chain Management?). Logistics deals with the movement and storage of materials that are inbound to manufacturing ...

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With the changing technological scenario, the use of information technology has become an inevitable part of logistics operations. This solution discusses the use of IT in business and logistical organizations, with an emphasis on the use of IT in supply chain management. This solution is 870 words with four references.

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