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    Logistics Challenges

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    One of the biggest logistical challenges for supply chain management is the deterioration of infrastructure in cities across the US. I need help with research on this key logistics issue. I need help defining the problem, its scope, and provide some possible solutions. I need help identifying some assumptions about this issue and critically evaluating it. (3-4 pages, 5 references).

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    Logistics plays an important role in enterprises of cities across the US. Infrastructure of logistics and logistical support plays critical role in influencing the functions of these organizations as it facilitates movement of commodity from the consumers. Deterioration of infrastructure is one of the major challenges for the firms of US (Global Logistics Media, 2012). In this paper, this issue is defining well to determine its causes, scope and possible solutions. Overall, this tutorial will be effectively highlight causes of deterioration of infrastructure in cities across the US and their solutions to facilitate better supply chain management.

    Problem Defining
    Infrastructure includes combination of systems that support operations of nation and facilitate economy driven activities. In order to carry out business operations, firms need effective transport facilities that are facilitated by nation's infrastructure. Deterioration logistic infrastructure of US affects supply chain management (SCM) of the firms that create problems of quality decrement and cost increment (Sarin, 2013). In according to Stock and Boyer (2009), firm take decisions and actions to ensure seamless integration among different supply chain partners including producers, distributors, warehouses, retailers, customers etc. through SCM for delivering right product in right quantity at right location and time. It helps them to minimize cost of operations and to improve customer satisfaction level. Deterioration infrastructure of US affects abilities of firm to manage supply chain effectively that causes significant issues.

    Scope of Deterioration Infrastructure ...

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    Supply chain management is one of the key activities in the value chain of a company and can be source of a great competitive advantage. There are several challenges in supply chain management and one of these challenge is deterioration of infrastructure in cities across the US. This logistical challenge is analyzed in this response