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    Logistical functions and PDCA at Lockheed Martin

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    Please address Lockheed Martin organization's logistical quality distribution strategy, to include:
    •The specifically logistical functions for which the organization is responsible.
    •The metrics pertaining to those functions that determine quality. Possible metrics are timeliness, reliability, cost, shrinkage (damage and loss), etc.
    •How those metrics are monitored.
    •How the organization applies Deming's PDCA paradigm to quality control; or if it doesn't, how it could or should apply that paradigm.

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    Lockheed Martin is the business of providing products and services used in:
    • Aeronautics and defense
    • Information systems and global solutions
    • Missiles and fire control
    • Mission systems and training
    • Space systems

    Lockheed Martin provides not only products such as aircraft, but also a broad range of management, engineering, technical, scientific, logistic, and information services. The organization has a supply chain council, which is responsible for determining the strategic initiatives for coordinating performance across their various business units. One of the goals of the council is to make sure that Lockheed Martin achieves optimal efficiency within the supply chain. The council shares best practices and supplier information to create leveraging opportunities. The council also arranges for tools such as equipment and training that create and track the value that has been added as polices are changed, or as new policies are implemented. Twenty-six percent of the total revenue in 2014 at Lockheed Martin was derived from the Logistics and Sustainment department

    As the federal budget becomes increasingly tight, competition for customers increases. Different clients have different levels of affordability—some customers, such as the federal government, are able to afford billions of dollars in defense ...

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