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    Lockhead Martin Transportation Modes

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    Please address Lockheed Martin organization's product distribution strategy, to include:
    •Transportation modes
    •Ownership and management of the modes (the organization, common carriers, contract carriers etc.)
    •The rationale behind the use of those modes
    •The strengths and weaknesses of those modes
    •Future developments, such as anticipated technological advances and resource availability, that may affect the choice of transportation modes

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    Lockheed Martin is a company that deals in aerospace and defense, information technology, space, security and emerging technologies. The company manages a global supply chain business among its many operations. The company’s strategy for distribution to the target market is to deliver excellent value to their customers by "solving [their] customers' most difficult problems through [their] employees' innovation, performance and unmatched integrity”. Their distribution strategy also includes using social media to increase the public’s awareness and perception of the company, thus increasing the likelihood that the government will sign new contracts with the company.

    The organizations that own and manage the modes of transportation used by Lockheed Martin can be found on the Lockheed Martin website, by entering various shipment origination and shipment destination locations.

    Lockheed Martin employs the transportation services of the following companies:
    • Estes Express
    • Expeditors International
    • FedEx Express
    • FedEx Ground
    • FedEx Heavyweight Air
    • FedEx National LTL
    • Pilot Air Freight
    • UPS Freight
    • UPS Supply Chain Solutions
    • US Postal Service

    Lockheed Martin tends to ship aircraft outbound, as well as ship raw materials inbound. Lockheed Martin does not appear to use any shipping services over railroad. This is likely because these forms of ...

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