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    Modeling of Intermodal Freight Networks

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    Explain the modeling of intermodal freight networks (400 words).

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    Industrialization and mass production necessitated fast transportation of goods point to point in a safe and cost effective manner. It depended also on the value, size and volume of the goods transported. At the same time producers did not want to be bothered about the modality of the transportation without any botheration to the final customer. In the course of time various countries experimented and evolved systems most suited to their country as regards infrastructure.

    The examples are TOFC - Trailers on flat cars (piggy back) where the truck trailers are loaded on rail cars or Lash (lighter aboard ship) in which the river barges are directly loaded on board sea-going ships. In US where the volume is always high a system of Road trailer has been evolved that enables the road trailer rolls on the rail of tracks. Here the rail bogies can be a trailer unit or be attached in the railway yard. In other words a road trailer turns into a rail car and ...

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    Modeling of intermodal freight networks are examined. External costs for terminal operations are analyzed.