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    Reverse Logistics at Lockheed Martin

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    For this assignment, please address the Lockheed Martin's involvement in reverse logistics. The nature of reverse logistics depends upon the organization. Not all of the following topics may be relevant; please address those that are.
    •How the organization handles customer returns, to include return policy.
    •Organizational participation in recycling and repurposing efforts
    •Organizational responsibility for after-end-user disposal and pollution
    •Organizational involvement in customer efforts to increase efficiency and decrease waste

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    Lockheed Martin's supply chain management department negotiates with suppliers and repair providers to meet the requirements of their supply chain management program, which include the reverse logistics of repairing or overhauling assets. In 2001, Michelin and Lockheed Martin cooperated to produce and transport naval aircraft tires to United States military customers. Eagle Global Logistics (EGL) was contracted to provide the storage and reverse-logistics services for the supply chain.

    Lockheed Martin provides a range of reverse-logistics support services for military customers who purchase the company's aircraft, missiles, and other aerospace and defense products. Many of these products were costly to produce, and these costs are passed on to the customer. Hence it is important that the customer be able to forecast the number of each product needed to decrease the incidence of returns. In order to help decrease the number of returns, Lockheed ...

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