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    Benchmarking Organizations

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    Consider an organization you're familiar with. If you were benchmarking the logistical functions of this organization, what methodology would you use? What methodology, if any, is currently in use? Comment upon its appropriateness. Please support your statements of fact with citations and references.

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    Walmart is the largest discount retailer in the world. Today, Walmart is known for its low prices. Customers can purchase its products in retail stores, online, and through mobile devices. A supply chain consists of four main parts: purchasing, operations, distribution, and integration. Walmart excels in all four areas. A strength in Walmart's Supply Chain Management (SCM) is in its high level of integration among all the parts of a supply chain. Walmart coordinates its logistics strategies with its supply chain partners to forge strong partnerships with suppliers and customers. This improves customer service and reduces channel costs. For example, Walmart's home base in Bentonville, Arkansas, has a pet food unit reserved for Nestle's Purina team to work at. The Purina Walmart team members work jointly with the Walmart team to investigate ways of cutting ...

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    The expert examines benchmarking the logistical functions of an organization. The methodology used is determined. Answered in 518 words. Three sources are cited.