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Summary Crime Control in Schools

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Summary of crime control in schools attached is an article. But you can use other material.

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The solution discusses the summary crime control in schools.

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Schools and Neighborhoods: Organizational and Environmental Factors Associated With Crime in Secondary Schools*Limbos, Mary Ann P, MD, MPH; Casteel, Carri. The Journal of School Health78. 10 (Oct 2008): 539-44; quiz 569-71.

The school environment and crime control are intricately tied together wherein a school's physical environment, the educational and social climate, and organizational control can impact crime within the school. In addition, the community area where the school resides also has an immense impact upon the crime within the school according to the research literature. This summary will provide an overview of the potential causes for crime in school and how these causes can potentially be mitigated by school districts.

Schools that are less communally organized are plagued with lower academic performance rates by their students as a result of factors including a lack of students developing strong bonds with the school. This can lead to higher rates of crime and delinquency. ...

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