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    3 Criminological theories of Crime

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    I need help writing a paper on "Theory and Crime" please. I would appreciate a summary of three different theories as to causes of crime.

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    Theory and crime are interrelated within criminology in the same sense that crime and victims are intertwined. Criminal behaviorists and theorists, such as those within the early 19th century, have tried to understand why certain people are prone to criminal behavior while others refrain. The early theorists such as Cesare Lombroso, who promulgated that criminals could be discerned through physical traits as opposed to the classical school of thought that focused on human nature, were attempting to theorize the reasons behind criminal behavior. The flawed view of positivist criminology would later be refuted when more accurate criminal theories emerged, but during its heyday, it was a major theoretical framework for criminologists.

    The gist of this introduction is predicated upon the question of theory and crime, and theoretical frameworks for criminal behavior serve as the focal point for how to attempt to stop criminal behavior from occurring. In this context, theory is the blueprint for law enforcement and others in society deemed with the task of preventing crime to develop policies that emanate from the theoretical frameworks created by researchers within the criminal justice and sociology fields. All theoretical concepts emanating from criminal justice have the intentions of finding solutions to the problems of crime.

    Many different theories exist from social/class theory, routine activities theory, and rational choice theory. In addition ...

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    This article provides students with an explanation of three theories including social strain, labeling theory, and routine activities theory to describe why people commit crime.