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Downsizing for BlackBerry Summary

Select and summarize an article from Business Week archives; Time, Fortune, or Forbes magazine; or the Wall Street Journal on the impact of downsizing within organizations. Discuss both the positive and the negative impact of downsizing on HRP. On the basis of the content of the article, provide a definition of downsizing

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Suggested article: BlackBerry to Slash Workforce by Up to 40%
Author: Will Connors
Published on: September 19, 2013
Publisher: The Wall Street Journal Online

Suggested Summary:

BlackBerry is cutting its workforce by the end of 2013. Affecting up to 40% of its 12,700 employees.
The layoffs were due to the declining smartphone sales. During its peak, Blackberry had 17,000 employees and cornered 14% of the U.S. smartphone market. The company has now less ...

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This is case of BlackBerry workforce downsizing as published in the Wall Street Journal. It summarizes the article, identified the positive and the negative impact of downsizing, and defines downsizing in the context of BlackBerry as a company.