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Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Advertisement

Advertisements can be award-winning, controversial, successful, or totally ineffective. Different people have different opinions. Consider this:

Scenario - As a marketing professional, you need to go beyond categorizing ads as successful or not, and analyze the techniques used to create the messages.

Provide a brief overview of any ad, commercial, or entire advertising campaign, and state whether you consider it effective or ineffective in the United States and (your choice) of another country.

Classify what execution method(s) were used for this advertisement or advertisement campaign. Armstrong & Kotler (2006) list the execution methods as:
- Slice of life
- Lifestyle
- Fantasy
- Mood or image
- Musical
- Personality symbol
- Technical expertise
- Scientific evidence
- Testimonial evidence or endorsement

Examine whether the ad's message and execution method(s) are a good match to use internationally.

Explain your interpretation and provide a comment for improvement(s).
Does the price level of the advertised item have an affect internationally?

Source: Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2006). Principles of marketing (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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For the purpose of this assignment, I will select Research in Motion's , the makers of Blackberry Smartphones, campaign called "Blackberry Boys", in association with Vodaphone, the global mobile service provider. The advertisement campaign is an attempt to position Blackberry as a cool, hip phone among the youths. It is an effort by Blackberry to broaden its target markets and telling the customers that Blackberry isn't just a smartphone for the corporate guys or office ...

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This solution uses a campaign done by the makers of Blackberry Smartphones as an example to analyze the effectiveness of this ad's message, how it could be improved and its international value. This is all completed in 285 words and includes a reference, along with a link to the campaign video.