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    Assessing Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Gum)

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    Assessing Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Gum)

    1) Assess the Information Needs of target market(s). What information will your potential customer need, (e.g. address of premises)?

    2) Set Communication Objectives for your service. What do you want to achieve in what time in terms of your communicating to your potential customers?

    3) Describe how you will measure Advertising and Promotions effectiveness.

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    1) Information Needs of target market(s) and Potential Customers (e.g. address of premises)

    The company's target markets consist of consumers within the academic and scientific community. http://www.wrigley.com/global/index.aspx. The information need of these consumers may include the following:
    1. Product features (e.g. nutrients, sugar contents, etc.)
    2. Product performance ( e.g. awards, recognitions, etc)
    3. Product benefits (e.g. health, wellness, stress relief, etc.)
    4. Credibility of the company and its products (e.g. industry leadership, research, etc.)
    5. Choices available for them (e.g. variants for weight conscious, sports enthusiasts, etc.)
    6. Price (e.g value for money, etc)
    7. Channels of distribution ( e.g. where the product may be purchased, etc)
    Information Need of Potential Customers
    1. Basic company information ( number of years in the in the industry, etc)
    2. How the product/s were conceptualized ( rationale)
    3. All the information stated above ( ...

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    Information for assessing information needs of target markets. Communication objectives are examined.