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    Can you please help me put these questions together about this Online Advertising Metrics paper. Attached are the instructions. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Online Advertising Metrics

    As an Advertising Director for a direct marketing firm specializing in the legal industry, you are charged with putting together an online advertising purchase. The purpose for the ad is to get law firms to use your company for mailing services to potential clients. You are going to consider advertising on LawMarketing.com, and use hypothetical results to practice advertising metrics commonly used by online advertisers.

    First, visit LawMarketing's rate card at the address below and answer the following:

    - How many visitors does the LawMarketing home page get in a month?
    - How many people receive the LawMarketing e-mail newsletter?
    Next, you will consider buying either a banner ad on the home page or a text ad in the newsletter.
    - What is the size in pixels for a banner ad (see ad standards at Interactive Advertising Bureau to understand pixel sizes: www.iab.net) and the cost for this ad on the home page?
    - What is a text ad in LawMarketing e-mail newsletter and what is its cost?
    - What is the CPM for each of these ads (Banner and Newsletter)?
    - Which is a better buy? Why?
    - If 100 people clicked on your home page banner, what would your click through rate be?
    - What would be the CPC?
    - If you got 5 orders from this ad,what would be your conversion rate?
    - And your cost per order?
    - Is this an effective advertising buy? Why or why not?

    Answer these questions in essay format with a title page and headings in APA format. The instructions attached.

    Frost, R. & Strauss, J.,(2012). E-Marketing. (6th ed). New York: Prentice Hall

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    Here you go - please check calculations! I spoke with editor in chief, Larry Bodine, about newsletter figures because they are not on the Internet. Even pointed out a typo on his site! Hope this helps.

    Online Advertising Metrics


    LawMarketing.com is products that will help our firm connect with "attorneys and legal professionals across the world" (LawMarketing.com, 2013). In determining an effective advertising purchase, it is important to consider visibility, impact, and effectiveness of advertisement. To do this, one must consider the size of the advertisement and the number of visitors it attracts, the cost, and the advertisement's ability to attract actual sales.


    Every month, more than 50,000 unique visitors visit LawMarketing.com. The entire site "gets 85,000 unique visitors every month " (LawMarketing.com, 2013). In addition, the company publishes a newsletter regularly, which is viewed by several thousand people (L. Bodine, personal communication, July 16, 2013). In considering which would be the best tool to advertise, a lot would depend upon the message. Should a company have a direct marketing vehicle that offers a coupon with an expiration date (a call to action), the newsletter would be the most suitable vehicle. While the audience is much smaller, it is delivered monthly to a target ...

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    This detailed solution reviews LawMarketing,com, as a potential online advertising company. It reviews the number of visitors the LawMarketing page gets each month, number of people who receive the LawMarketing e-mail newsletter, the pixel size of a banner ad, the cost of a text ad, the CPM for each of these ads and which is a better buy. It also figures the click through rate, CPC, conversion rate, cost per order, and if it would be an effective media buy. APA formatted references are included.