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Ad Age Marketing Publication:Review,Trends, Benefits

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Review the indexes of six-months of back issues of Ad Age, marketing publication.

Summarize the types of articles this journal publishes. Include any emerging trends, or patterns you see in the types of articles they publish. What types of trends does it predict? Include a statement of how this magazine would be useful to professionals in the advertising/marketing industry.

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Solution Summary

This detailed solution is based on a review of Ad Age magazine. It summarizes the types of articles this journal publishes and includes emerging trends, or patterns from the types of articles they publish. It offers suggested trends, and includes a What a statement of how this magazine would be useful to professionals in the advertising/marketing industry.APA formatted references are included.

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AdvertisingAge (AdAge), a standard in the industry for decades, offers readers (and viewers) an opportunity to learn more about happenings in the market place. Traditionally, AdAge has been published as an oversized glossy periodical, much like a magazine. This format, plus the addition of the digital format, lends itself to featuring advertising campaigns, product branding, and marketing campaigns in an appealing fashion. AdAge provides readers with news in the market. This may be based on research and highlight changes in shopping behavior or it may be related to agency changes, marketing plans, or impact of different technology. In addition, AdAge provides news about changes in corporate personnel, corporate performance and new brands. It is a useful tool for advertising and marketing executives but it is also an ...

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