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    Publication marketing questions

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    Hello. I need help answering 2 questions.

    1. Here are some examples of the rate cards of some other publications. Try to find a media kit/rate card for your local paper, a major publication, radio station or TV station and post it here.

    http://www.usatoday.com/media_kit/usatoday/ai_rates_full_circulation.htm (USA Today)
    http://webapp1.latimes.com/mediakit/rates/08AS1119%20Retail.pdf (LA Times, Retail Ad)
    http://www.people.com/people/static/stylewatchmediakit/pdfs/ratecard.pdf (People Magazine)
    http://www.kalamazoogazette.com/ratecard2008.pdf (Kalamazoo Gazette- where I grew up, average size mid-west town)
    http://www.frankwbaker.com/prime_time_programs_30_sec_ad_costs.htm (ad rates during popular TV shows-data is from Advertising Age, a really great Ad publication)

    2. Radio is known as an affordable media to access a mass audience. There are different aspects of radio advertisement that will be used to create radio script. These are as follow:

    Product: To develop a radio script, water is selected as a product. It will be bottled water. Emotional appeal will be used to reflect the benefits of bottled water. Safety needs related to health will be highlighted during advertisement.

    Target Market: It is an important part of any advertisement that decides the overall success or failure. People of every age are selected as a target market for the radio advertisement (Hiam, 2009).

    Benefits: Benefits of selected products play a fundamental role in gaining interest and attention of the listeners in case of radio advertisements. Purity, quality and purpose of bottled water will be used for radio advertising. It will reflect that bottled water can save from water born infections and diseases. It will also explain the role of bottled water in maintaining health. Hygiene factor of using bottled water will be also highlighted during advertisement on radio (Hiam, 2009).

    Radio Script: Bottled water for every age people, it will help in maintaining health. It is a symbol of purity and quality. Drinking bottled water is a hygienic for health that is essential to avoid water born diseases. It is purified water that will ensure freshness and feel of comfort among every age people like youngsters, children, middle age people and elder people. So, use bottled water to stay healthy.

    The questions are: What do you think a creative name for this specific bottle of water would be? What characteristics does your water have that no other water has? What would your call to action be?


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    Rate Card
    Rate card is a form of detailed pricing of advertisement placement related alternatives. It varies from publications to publications (Mitchell, 2007). Nowadays, major publications are modifying their rate card features in order to enhance their profitability and market share. Increasing use of advertising placement options to market products and services are encouraging major publications to go for alterations (2010 Magazine, 2010). It is used to compare the rate base of advertising options. Rate card for magazine of The New York Times is selected to compare the rate base. It is a rate card of general advertising. The elements of this rate card are as follow:
    Four Color Open Rate 3 pages 6 pages 12 pages 18 pages 30 pages 60 pages
    Page $107, 075 $101, 720 $98, 510 $95, 300 $92, 085 $88,880 $85,655
    2/3 page $78,145 $74,235 $71,890 $69,535 $67,200 $64,855 $62,510
    1/2 page $71,520 $67, 950 $65,785 $63,650 $61,505 $59,350 $57,215
    Facing ½ page $137, 370 $130, 490 $126,375 $122,240 $118,135 $114,015 $109,885
    Fireplace unit $117,785 $111, 890 $108,360 $104,830 $101,295 $97,770 $94,220
    1/3 page ...

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