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Compare/Contrast Print Media and Online Marketing

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How would I start researching online versus printed media? I need to compare and contrast how a company markets online and in the print media to its target audience. Include copies of print advertising (you can scan them in ) and screen grabs (basically copy and paste the Web pages).

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There are similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages in marketing using print media and/or online strategies. This 571-word four-step solution compares and contrasts the two forms of marketing; provides strategies for answering the questions and completing this assignment, and includes an overview of several companies that can be used as examples of print media or online media marketing. This solution also includes web addresses of the companies researched and references that will assist student in comparing and contrasting print media versus online media marketing.

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Here are some suggestions to help you get started on your paper:

1. Start by giving foundational information on print media and then online media, and compare their common characteristics as well as discuss how they differ.


"With print media marketing, the company establishes product recognition by ..."

"In contrast, online media allows marketing to be accomplished in the following ways that are unique to that media form ..."

"Print media and online media marketing have some characteristics in common, such as ..."

"Print media and online media differ in their marketing strategies and target audiences by ..."

2. An example of a company that markets in both online and print media to their target audience is Netflix. Netflix markets online, in print media (and on television/radio). What do they do in print media that is the same as what they do in their online ...

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