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Project management

ONLY A MOCK SCENARIO : I am developing the scope statement for the project, and now I'm up to the marketing deliverables. We have met with the director of Sales and Marketing and have a general sense of what marketing will be needed to effectively launch the upgraded product. There will be a series of newsletters sent to the global customer base announcing the upgraded product. There will also be advertisements in the "usual" publications that will highlight the new features. The marketing team will attend an annual trade show and feature the upgraded product. Other marketing activities, such as updated collateral and press releases, are yet to be determined.

I have a follow-up meeting with the director next week. At that time, I will review a detailed write-up of the scope that describes what is included, as well as what is excluded.

PROBLEM: In at least three paragraphs describe each of the key deliverables in detail. Be sure to include what is included in the scope of the deliverable as well as what is not included in the scope. Give one paragraph that describes how you and the director will determine whether or not other marketing activities will be brought into the scope of the project. Finally, post at least one paragraph that describes how you will gain consensus from the director on the scope. Respond with substance to colleagues' posts regarding either how they will gain further details on the scope or how they will gain consensus.

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The first key deliverable wall be the series of newsletters that will be sent to the potential customers. The newsletters will be designed by the project, printed and finished. If material for the newsletter is not received from the product development department all the articles about he updated product will be written in house. There will be six newsletters published starting from fifteen days from now. The frequency will be fifteen days.

The second key deliverable will be a series of ...

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