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    Project Management Process Groups

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    The customer service department is going to play a major role in the upgrade, but not all members of the department are familiar with how projects like this are managed. Prepare a presentation to familiarize the customer service team with the project management process groups and the 9 knowledge areas. The purpose of your presentation is to prepare the customer service team for what is to come in the days ahead and the activities they will participate in and observe.

    Address the following in your presentation:
    1. What are the project management process groups?
    2. What is the purpose of each of the groups?
    3. What are the 9 knowledge areas of project management?
    4. Explain each area and its importance to the project management process.
    5. Include title and reference slides in your presentation. These are not included in the 7-10 slides.
    6. Each slide must be supported with 150-200 words of speaker notes.
    7. Be sure that all sources are referenced using APA style.

    Develop a project plan that covers all project groups and knowledge areas. Develop project plans that integrate project procurement and contracting activities across project groups. Apply the nine project management knowledge areas.

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    Kindly find an attached presentation with some ideas, references and content related to project management process.

    Purpose of Each Project Management Process Group:
    The lifecycle of the project is broken down into five process groups. These five process groups describe and organize the project from start to finish namely initiating, planning, executive, monitoring or controlling and closing (Schwalbe, 2010). Each of these process groups relates and depends on each other for a successful end of the project.

    The initiating process group includes the processes that authorize the start of a new project. This is the starting phase of the project lifecycle, where the project gets defined and authorized by management. In this stage, the process group estimates the project success and defines a preliminary scope of project. The output of this process is authorized by the project charter. The planning process group includes the processes that contribute to plan the project. These processes are used to gather additional information about the project from inside and outside sources of the project (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2010). The main purpose of this process is to refine the project objectives and then plan the several necessary steps to achieve project objectives. The output of this process is the project management plan.

    The executing process group includes the processes that are required to complete the work defined in the project management plan. In this process, the people and other resources are combined with the project management to execute the plan (Kanabar & Warburton, 2008). It is necessary to maintain the quality to ensure that project will meet the stakeholders' expectations. The outputs of this process are the project deliverables.
    The monitor and control process group includes the processes that are required to track, review and regulate the performance of the project. During this, the project management needs to control and monitor the project according to time and budget. In this process the project change request get approved and rejected and project management plan is updated. This is the process group that is responsible for the final deliverables of the project. In the closing process group, all deliverables of the project are created (Schwalbe, 2010). This group closes the overall project and provides deliverables to the customers and stakeholders. The project is closed and purchasing activities are reconciled.

    9 Knowledge Areas of Project Management:
    The project management group divides ...

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