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Who calls the shots on projects?

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You have been appointed as a project manager for a high dollar project for the public sector and you have been asked by your boss to identify the stakeholder groups and the individuals who make up those groups in order to start the stakeholder analysis. Identify at least six groups of stakeholders and the individuals who comprise those groups, and explain when the stakeholder and identification process should take place during the planning of the project.

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There are normally both internal and external stakeholders for each project. Internal stakeholders are individuals and even sometimes entities that have a vested interest in a project. Almost every large project requires both owners and project managers to work alongside the government to execute the contract. Every project has workers, a supplier, a seller, a buyer, and sometimes stock/shareholders. This could also include the board of directors, and scientists. External stakeholders are normally pressure groups, nongovernmental entities, interest groups and local communities. Identification of stakeholders should take place at the beginning of a ...

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This excerpt reveals who key stakeholders are on projects and explains the primary role they play in making a project successful.