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Allergic Reactions

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You were picking blackberries and what you thought was a berry turned out to be a stinging insect. You removed the stinger, but your hand became swollen and sore. What type of hypersensitivity reaction occurred? What will happen the next time you are stung? Why will these events occur? You speak to an allergist who says you can receive "allergy shots" for this condition. What would the allergy shots accomplish?

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Allergic reactions from stings are addressed, as is repeated stings and allergy shots.

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Hymnoptera stings (bees and wasps) can cause very dangerous reactions in some people. It is common to have swelling and soreness after a bee sting, and a localized reaction is usually the result of a Type I hypersensitivity response. A Type I response is mediated by IgE antibody and can produce a quick physical reaction. The bee venom ...

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