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Different reactions to chemical exposure

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Explain why you and your classmates may have a different reaction to exposure to the same chemical. Provide a specific example.

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There are actually various different reasons why two individuals would have differing responses to the same exposure to a given chemical. The first is individual susceptibility to the chemical. Some individuals suffer allergic reactions to certain chemicals and so their response will differ. For example ...

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This solution is a short explanation of why different people can have differing responses to the same exposure to a given chemical.

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it looks lilke a lot to read but it all comes together quickly. The actual experiment has already been performed and the results have been recorded in the table (last page). Please look at what is in RED color - that is what needs to be answered in a more elaborated conclusion/lab report form (but it doesn't have to be extensive at all...) Also, on the data sheet, please feel free to add any information - or make any corrections - based on your knowledge of these types of reactions with these particular hydrocarbons.

Thank you!

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