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The types of chemical reactions with specific examples from a layman's perspective is given.

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This posting deals with the types of chemical reactions starting with definition of chemical reaction and chemical equation. The explanations are quite simple, straightforward with a view to make it easy for a layman to understand the basics and fundamentals of chemistry. Chemical equations and algebraic equations are correlated. Specific examples are given for each type of chemical reaction to make the posting self-contained.

Example the different types of chemical reactions with examples, starting with a definition of chemical reaction and chemical equation.

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A definition of chemical reaction and chemical equation is given at the start of this posting. The main part concentrates on various types of chemical reactions with specific examples.

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Types of Chemical reactions

A chemical reaction is a process which converts one chemical entity into other chemical entity which is a totally different one. Silver nitrate reacts with hydrochloric acid to give precipitates of silver chloride and nitric acid. All chemical reactions are expressed by chemical equations. This reaction is shown by a chemical equation below:

AgNO3 + HCl → AgCl + HNO3 ( This is chemical equation)

Chemical equations are similar to algebraic equations ( a + b = c + d ) and need to be balanced, which means left hand side (LHS) should be equal to right hand side (RHS). So there are two chemical entities on both sides of the arrow.

When I was a high school student a curious question was always coming to my mind: "can we see the chemical reactions?" Yes we can. In this reaction a colorless solution of AgNO3 is added to a colorless solution of HNO3 and a white precipitate of AgCl is obtained. Precipitate is formed ...

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