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Types of Chemical Reactions

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This solution will discuss the 6 major groups of chemical reactions and provide an example and the general formula of each type.

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Although, chemical reactions can be complex there are major categories into which one can classify reactions. This solution will discuss these and provide examples of each type as well as discuss how one determines which type one is working with. THE EXAMPLE CHEMICAL REACTIONS ARE NOT BALANCED.
They are in no particular order except how I decided to list them.
1. Combustion
2. Decomposition
3. Double displacement (double replacement) (metathesis)
4. Single displacement (single replacement)
5. Combination (synthesis)
6. Redox (acid-base)
A combustion reaction occurs when an element, usually C, bonds with the oxygen in the air. Heat is released to the environment. Here is an example:
C3H8 +5 O2 4H2O +3 CO2
Propane burning reacts with the oxygen gas in the air to produce water and carbon dioxide.
A double displacement reaction ( Double ...

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This solution will discuss the 6 most common groups of chemical reactions. Examples are included.

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