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    History of Project Management

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    I need help so that I can write an essay on the history of project management.

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    // Before discussing about the other sections of the paper in detail, it is essential to understand the concept of 'Project Management'. This section is an introductory part of the paper and explains about project management. It will help in forming a base for the whole paper and will improve your understanding of the paper: //

    Introduction: Project Management:

    The process of managing and organizing resources in such a way that the project is completed within definite time, cost, and scope is known as project management. The significant challenge of project management includes ensuring that a project is delivered within the definite limits. Another important challenge in project management is to optimize the allocation and integrate the inputs required to meet the pre-defined objectives.

    Project management acts as an important managerial activity. Educational organization, health centers, a publishing house, a business house and a financial institution generally uses the project management technique (Agarwal & Mishra, 2007). A good project management seeks to remove, among other things, delays in executing, avoiding the cause of delays and identification of technical flaws while executing the projects (Agarwal & Mishra, 2007). Following features are significant to understand the idea of project management:

    ? The objectives, scope and type of management.

    ? The project phase concept.

    ? The feasibility study involving preparation of detailed project report and project selection.

    ? Financial evaluation, cost and time overruns.

    ? Implementation phase in project management.

    ? Other aspects like contracts and specifications, foreign exchange and import controls, power shortage, labor and tax incentives etc.

    Project management plays an important role as it is the function of tools and techniques that help in directing the use of different resources, in order to accomplish a complex, unique, one-time task within time, cost and quality constraints resources (Agarwal & Mishra, 2007). To fit the project environment and life-cycle of the project, each task requires a particular mix of the tools and techniques framework. Thus, project management means dedicating organizational resources to the end objective and keeping the totality in focus all the time (Agarwal & Mishra, 2007).

    // After explainingabout the concept of project management, the next section will focus on the history of the project management, which is the most important requirement of the paper. It will give you a detailed knowledge about its background: //

    Project Management: History

    The forefather of project management, Henry Gantt started the history of project management. Gantt is also known as the father of planning and controlling the techniques. He is prominently known for his use of the "Gantt" chart as a project management tool, and for his study of the work and management of Navy ship building (History of Project Management). His work is the predecessor to many ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1753 words with references.