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    Web Marketing Strategies

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    Special Events Management in Hospitality and Tourism
    As a special events manager, develop a plan to maximize your company's Web marketing opportunities.

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    So we are dealing with special events in hospitality.

    One of the biggest trend in e-commerce is called "collective buying sites". On these sites such as groupon.com, one deal of the day is presented to consumers at a reduced price. The catch is that a certain number of people need to buy the deal. If x amount of people buy it, then the deal goes through.

    So for your special event, you can partner with Groupon.com, and sell your product (winter carnival, night hotel...) at a reduced rate. The benefits are extensive: You will get a huge expose on the web, as these deal of the day sites have a huge following. As well, ...

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    This solution provides a detailed overview of the most affective internet marketing strategies that a special events manager in hospitality and tourism may use to promote an event.