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    Advertising Budget

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    Assume you are a field marketing professional, responsible for marketing your company's products in the South Florida region of a medium-size corporation. One day you receive a CD from your corporate marketing group (based in Detroit, Michigan) which includes a set of electronic files containing print advertisements ready for you to use in magazines that you choose in South Florida. You have a certain budget to use for advertising in your region, and you are empowered to select the magazines in which you will advertise, and send them the graphic files your corporate marketing group sent to you. You find that your corporate marketing group chose the format for the ads (the selection of people, clothing, surrounding décor, etc.) based on market research in the Detroit region. Discuss whether or not you will be confident these ads will be successful in your South Florida region, and why or why not.

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    I do think that people are prone to believe advertising that they can relate to. If for example a person with common characteristics or traits is shown advertising a product, you might gain a sort of trust in the ad, that the ad is catering to your needs. A person selling Polident denture glue needs to look the part, you can't have a 20 year old woman selling the product. People need to identify with the models in the ad.

    As well, your ad needs to fit your product. For example, if you are promoting an upscale restaurant, you would want to make sure that the advertisement reflects the luxury of the restaurant. You would want to ...

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    This solution discusses whether one could be confident the ads will be successful in your South Florida region, and why or why not.